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Are You An Adaptive Leader?
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Core Leadership                                                                                

Core leadership skills are the skills that get people promoted into leadership positions. People who naturally demonstrate these skills are often labeled “born” leaders. Core leadership skills are the foundation of effective leadership—they won’t make you a great leader on their own, but you can’t do it without them. Experienced leaders will recognize the core leadership skills as a great opportunity to sharpen the saw and take a new look at the skills they use every day. Aspiring leaders can learn the core leadership skills to mold their own blade.

Core Leadership is . . .

Strategy — Talent hits a target that no one else can hit, but genius hits a target no one else can see. Strategy is knowing how to look ahead, spot the trends, and anticipate the course of action you will follow to maximize your success.

Action — An idea is a curious thing; it will not work unless you do. For most leaders, desire is not the factor that holds them back; it’s knowing how to execute.

Results — It’s a myth that hard work is enough to achieve results. Far too often obstacles are thrown in a leader’s path that require a special set of skills to reach the finish line.

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