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Top Ten Emotional Intelligence Moments of 2012

This is the fourth consecutive year for this list, and 2012 had no shortage of moments that exemplified emotional intelligence (in some cases, a lack of it). The bright minds behind TalentSmart have narrowed down this year’s events in the 10 most memorable displays of EQ. Some are shining examples of EQ in action, and others illustrate how quickly trouble finds those who lack EQ.

EQ Moment #10:

Monkey See Monkey Do

Ever heard of mirror neurons? They’re spread across the brain and serve as a kind of social awareness Wi-Fi, allowing us to remotely plug into the feelings of people around us. There's even one type of mirror neuron whose sole purpose is to detect smiles and laughter, stimulating return smiles and laughter.

There's no better illustration of this biological mimicry than the twin babies above. Each time one sees the other dancing, she can’t help but smile and join in. When we sense the emotions of another person, our mirror neurons reflect those emotions to create a shared experience. This survival mechanism bonds people to each other.

It's no different at work. Our mirror neurons can pick up on someone's bad mood in a meeting, and suddenly, everyone starts to feel miserable. Don't be the Debbie Downer in your department. Give yourself permission to smile and laugh more, and you'll find that you're the one lifting the spirits of everyone around you.

What? You want more hilarious babies? Check out these twins mimicking their dad's sneeze.

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