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Top Ten Emotional Intelligence Moments of 2012
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2012's #1 EQ Moment:

 California High School Football Star Cleared of Rape after Ten Years in Prison and Realizes Dream of Playing Pro Ball


What would you do if you were accused of a crime you did not commit, spent years in prison, and were permanently labeled a sex offender? This is exactly what happened 10 years ago to Brian Banks, then a 16-year old from Long Beach, California, who was accused of raping a classmate. A promising football star, he had a bright future and a scholarship to a prestigious university. Then it was all taken away. After years of prison and probation, Brian’s accuser reached out to him and admitted (on tape) that the rape story was a lie. Since then, he has been legally cleared of wrongdoing.

What impressed us about Brian Banks is how he handled himself once his name was cleared. He was quickly thrust into the limelight, interviewed by national media, and asked about his feelings about his accuser and his future. His response was sincere, poised, and wise beyond his years. Brian was not focused on revenge or time lost. Instead, he was calm and focused on his goal of playing professional football.

He talks openly about his feelings, saying that he was angry at one time, but realized that anger wasn't going to help him move forward with his plans. After the interview in May 2012, Brian received offers to try out for several professional football teams, and in September, he joined the Las Vegas Locomotives, who play in the United Football League. 

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