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Top Ten Emotional Intelligence Moments of 2012
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EQ Moment #9:

Hockey Coach Trips Opposing Players

The adult in this video is none other than Martin Tremblay, the 40-year-old junior hockey coach of the UBC Hornets, who has been on thin ice ever since this horrific tripping incident was caught on camera and uploaded to the Internet. The two victims of this unsportsmanlike conduct were 12 and 13-year-old Richmond Steel hockey players, and according to CTV News, one of the players suffered a broken wrist and needed to seek medical attention after attempting to brace himself for the fall.

After watching this clip, most would assume Tremblay is a sore loser; however, his team actually won this gold-medal match. Outraged and “disgusted” with the coach’s actions, witnesses called the police. Tremblay was apprehended by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and could face two assault charges. “Coaches are supposed to respect the game and teach their players about honor, respect and sportsmanship . . . it's obvious that this coach should receive a lifetime ban from all levels of hockey and also go to jail," said a bystander.

Tremblay succumbed to an emotional hijacking—his emotions took complete control of his behavior with no regard for the consequences of his actions. If you're like most people, you have moments when your emotions get the best of you. Knowing who or what pushes your buttons and how it happens is critical for taking control of these situations. To remain in control, direct your attention away from your emotions and back to the task at hand. This will help you remain flexible and open-minded in spite of strong emotions threatening to overwhelm you.

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