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Top Ten Emotional Intelligence Moments of 2012
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EQ Moment #3:

$50,000 Bail for Man Accused of Crushing Cop Cars

After getting arrested and released for possessing marijuana, Roger Pion fumed until his anger got the best of him. According to police, the resident of Newport, Connecticut hopped into a massive farm tractor and drove it like a monster truck over seven police cars.

Pion was charged with 14 offenses, including felony aggravated assault on a police officer, which alone can put someone in prison for 16 years. You see, when Pion came into the lot two officers in a cruiser pulled up behind him and turned on their siren. In response, he backed over their car with the tractor as they jumped out of it safely.

Pion then left the lot and initially no police officers pursued him because all of their vehicles had been destroyed. Eventually state police, county sheriffs, and deputies in a borrowed civilian vehicle tracked down the tractor and apprehended the suspect.

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