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Top Ten Emotional Intelligence Moments of 2012
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EQ Moment #2:

No Complaints about This Traffic Cop

We’ve all been there or at least have had that feeling of paranoia while making our dash to work. We’re always a little late. We periodically check our rear-view mirror to see if we can make out a car with a light rack on top. The first reaction to getting pulled over is denial. I wasn’t going that fast. I was moving at the speed of traffic. Was I going that fast?

If it’s L.A. Sheriff's Deputy Elton Simmons pulling you over, you won’t find the air of superiority so typical of some police officers when they write you a ticket. When Deputy Simmons approaches your car, something magical happens. He cracks a smile and asks you how your day is going. It’s the kind of smile and greeting that you can trust, like an old friend you invited over to your house for dinner. You’re stumped. He then chats about your favorite basketball team. Your “Lakers #1” bumper sticker gave that one away. You two criticize the coaching staff and analyze each player while he writes you a ticket.

Deputy Simmons’s emotional intelligence and social skills have produced zero complaints from citizens despite the 25,000 tickets he has written over his 20-year career. Simmons’s emotional intelligence shows in how he deals with people during a traffic stop. "I'm here with you," he says, “I'm not up here . . . one thing I hate is to be looked down on⎯I can't stand it⎯so I'm not going to look down at you."

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