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EQ Train-the-Trainer Certification

Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 1
Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 1
One day of curriculum focused on increasing EQ skill levels using our 66 best proven strategies. Over 2 days, learn how to facilitate this program, and become the EQ expert for your organization or clients.

Learning About Emotional Intelligence Just Isn't Enough

Participants need to be engaged in their learning and given a clear, practical pathway to build new skills. Mastering Emotional Intelligence does just that. Since 1996, we've been developing and testing this curriculum with our own clients, and have packaged for you only what works best. We use the latest in experiential activities, based on science but adapted to be simple and active for all learners.

Facilitators and coaches also need to be engaged and given a clear path to becoming a subject matter expert in emotional intelligence. In 2 days, we will arm you with everything you need to bring emotional intelligence skill development to your organization or clients, including 7 hours of proven curriculum, access to participant learning kits, and a license to use Hollywood movies clips selected for deeper discussions in your sessions. You'll also receive complimentary TalentSmart emotional intelligence assessments for you to experience or share with your organization (a $700 value).

Lifetime Benefits to Support You

  • No annual fees to maintain your certification status
  • An open invitation to “refresh” and attend certifications
  • Consultations with senior TalentSmart staff for your design and delivery questions
  • TalentSmart Certified Trainer Newsletter shares best practices for delivering and marketing your program

Level 1 Certification is 2 days. Here's what to expect:



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Level 1
$ 3,995

Level 2
$ 3,995

Levels 1 and 2
$ 6,995

Attendees earn PHR, SPHR, GPHR and CCE credit hours!

On Day 1, experience Mastering Emotional Intelligence as a participant.
  1. Discover emotional intelligence—what it is, the biological basis, and the four core EQ skill model
    It's both an "a-ha!" moment and a relief to learn that our emotions are part of our biology and cannot be turned off—but they can be managed using emotional intelligence skills. You will discover and uncover why we do what we do, and how to work with—not against—our nature.
  2. Learn why emotional intelligence matters—the business case for emotional intelligence
    Many sizable organizations have invested in EQ skill development, and studied its positive and measurable impact such as higher retention, leadership performance, and sales. Hear how these success stories translate into real business results.
  3. Measure your emotional intelligence skills—debrief the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal—Me Edition
    Understanding where your emotional intelligence skills are today is the baseline, and the critical first step in knowing what skills you need to develop. A thorough debrief of the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal, complete with recommended and personalized strategies, will get you on your path to successful development.
  4. Observe emotional intelligence skills in action
    Discovering examples of what emotional intelligence looks like in life deepens the connection between learning and doing. Watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters to see emotional intelligence skills in action, which ultimately give you ideas for how to put your own emotional intelligence skills into action.
  5. Learn and apply 66 emotional intelligence strategies for developing the four core EQ skills
    What steps can you actually take, day-to-day, to improve your emotional intelligence skills? Like any skill, you need to know specifically what to practice, and practice correctly over and over again. Choose from the strategies that emotionally intelligent people practice to create your personalized emotional intelligence action plan.
  6. Set your EQ goals and complete your emotional intelligence action plan
    Throughout the day, you will be reflecting, writing, and prioritizing your one-year plan of action, so that when you leave the Mastering Emotional Intelligence session, you will know exactly what you'll be working on—and in what order—throughout the year.