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EQ Train-the-Trainer Certification

Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 2
Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 2
This next phase of EQ skill development builds sophistication in personal and social competence. Ten hours of curriculum in 5 modules develop deeper understanding and advanced skills practice. Over 2 days, learn how to facilitate this program, expanding your offerings and expertise.

Phase 2 of Emotional Intelligence Skill Development:
Advanced Learning and Skills Practice

As a learning and development professional, you know that developing new skills in others doesn't happen overnight. Participants need several touch points over time where past knowledge is built upon, new connections are created, and real-life practice opportunities are made available. Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 2 was created to follow Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 1 with this very goal in mind.

Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 2 will push your participants to think in new ways about how their emotions operate day-to-day, considering the moments at work and in life that often go undetected or dismissed—and unresolved. Through the latest in adult learning techniques, Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 2 will facilitate conversations, self-reflection, thinking, and skill practice to build savvier approaches to dealing with daily hassles and big challenges.

In 2 days (immediately following Level 1), you will learn how to deliver the program and acquire the very best practices for how to use the modules to facilitate skill development. With your certification, you will receive 10 hours of advanced curriculum and learn about several proven design options in 1-day, half-day, and 2-hour formats, and identify the option that will best fit your needs. Learn how to access and use TalentSmart's participant learning kits, our license to use Hollywood movies clips selected for deeper discussions in your sessions, and a complimentary set of TalentSmart assessments for you to experience or share with your organization (a $700 value).

Exclusive Benefits with Your Level 2 Certification

  • 5 modules flexibly designed to fit your needs
  • Trainer consultations with senior TalentSmart staff
  • An open invitation to “refresh” and attend future certifications

Level 2 Certification is 2 days. Here's what to expect:



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Level 1
$ 3,995

Level 2
$ 3,995

Levels 1 and 2
$ 6,995

Attendees earn PHR, SPHR, GPHR and CCE credit hours!

On Day 1, experience the 5 Mastering Emotional Intelligence modules as a participant.
  1. Self-Awareness
    Master those emotions that negatively influence your decisions and actions. Take a deep dive identifying those emotions that get the best of you, learning how to observe and understand them on an entirely new level, and pinpoint how you will respond differently the next time they surface.
  2. Self-Management
    Thoughts drive behavior. Discover what causes actions and results that we wish we could take back and "do over." Learn how to manage what yields negative consequences so you never need to ask for a "do over" again.
  3. Social Awareness
    Understanding how others perceive and experience us day-to-day is an important driver for increasing our emotional intelligence. Find out how others view your EQ skills from your Emotional Intelligence Appraisal 360° and create an EQ development plan that will yield the greatest results.
  4. The Art of Social Awareness
    Knowing the benefits of being a good listener and observer is one thing—practicing these skills to help you work with what's obvious and pick up on the not-so-obvious is another entirely. There is an "art" to observation, and this module will give you the opportunity to practice with your peers in a safe, constructive environment.
  5. Relationship Management
    Competing interests, needs, and goals lead to differences in relationships that can lead to conflict. Conflict is a normal part of life that we can't avoid, and what sets us apart and adds value is having the ability to manage conflict successfully. Discover the emotional components of conflict, and how to use this information to restore even the most challenging relationships.