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Case Studies

There are diverse ways to implement emotional intelligence.

TalentSmart consultants, trainers, and coaches work directly with organizations to develop the emotional intelligence (EQ) of their leaders, managers and employees. The following case studies provide a brief example of how our clients combine the use of TalentSmart emotional intelligence products and services to meet their strategic objectives.

EQ in Culture Change
Fortune Brands

Drive Leader Accountability

Develop a cutting-edge leadership development solution, with real accountability for results.

Pacific Hotel Management

Boost Guest Satisfaction

Increase self-awareness to take C-suite leader performance to the next level.


Increase Organization Performance

Invest in EQ as the foundation for staff who empathize with and respond to guest needs.

EQ in Leadership Development

Navigate Growth

A high-performing executive team navigates unprecedented organizational growth with EQ.

MD Anderson

Manage Change

Equip management teams with EQ skills to guide staff through organizational changes.

Sound Transit

Build Teams

Measure emotional intelligence skills and personality to unify leaders’ perspectives.

EQ in Training
Nestle Purina

Prepare Customer Service Professionals

Prepare sales associates with EQ skills to handle demanding clients.

Nicolas & Company

Prepare Sales Professionals

Confront the anxieties of servicing customers, cold calling, and a changing competitive market.

Covenant HealthCare

Prepare Management

Increase staff satisfaction and retention with three proven EQ skill development strategies.