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Case Study

Our Client Said...

“Over 90% of the managers requested (and paid for out of their budgets) for their entire team to go through the program. Issues being reported to HR have gone down, and more than half of our managers report team trust and openness has improved significantly—resulting in higher performance.”

Wes Stockman, Director

Organization Development & HR

Emotional intelligence 2.0 is a perfect learning package.

Nicholas and Company

About Our Client

For more than 70 years, Nicholas & Company has been the Intermountain West's preeminent independent broadline foodservice distributor. Family owned and operated for three generations, Nicholas & Company provides foodservice experts, state-of-the-art facilities and distribution, cutting-edge technology, exemplary food safety practices, and refined efficiencies.

Their Challenge

The Nicholas & Company Performance Development department believes emotional intelligence meshes perfectly with the accessible and real-world applications found in learned optimism as taught by Martin Seligman. They wanted to extend the learning to their sales force to confront the challenges and anxieties of servicing customers, cold calling, and managing the ever-changing and growing competitive market.

Our Solution

Nicholas & Company performance development staff delivered a 90-minute class using Emotional Intelligence 2.0 as the perfect learning package. The content is clear, immediately applicable, and succinct. All new hires in sales took, and still take, the self-assessment on the very first day of class and access the tools available on the website. For three weeks, every morning begins with a review and discussion of one of the strategies offered in the book. All managers and team leaders have been through the class, and the company is currently in the process of having every single team member in the company complete the class.

Their director says it is encouraging to hear team members using the language of Emotional Intelligence 2.0. Having a common understanding of emotional intelligence allows them to confer a wealth of meaning by using a single word. "Let's try and be emotionally intelligent about this." "Sorry about that. I had a bit of an amygdala hijack there." "Now when we go in here, don't forget to catch the mood of the room."

Products and Services Delivered

Emotional Intelligence 2.0

TalentSmart’s latest book provides 66 strategies for developing your emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence Appraisal—Me Edition

The Emotional Intelligence Appraisal provides skill scores and drills down to specific EQ behaviors.

On-site Training

Ask us to deliver 1-day workshops.