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EQ Train-the-Trainer Certification

Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 1

A flexible, practical, and accelerated training program designed to efficiently give learners the tools and strategies they need to increase their EQ. Over 2 days, learn how to facilitate this program, and become the EQ expert for your organization or clients.

Learning About Emotional Intelligence Just Isn't Enough

Participants need to be engaged in their learning and given a clear, practical pathway to build new skills. Mastering Emotional Intelligence does just that. Since 1996, we've been developing and testing this curriculum with our own clients, and have packaged for you only what works best. We use the latest in experiential activities, based on science but adapted to be simple and active for all learners.

Facilitators and coaches also need to be engaged and given a clear path to becoming a subject matter expert in emotional intelligence. In 2 days, we will arm you with everything you need to bring emotional intelligence skill development to your organization or clients, including 7 hours of proven curriculum, access to participant learning kits, and a license to use Hollywood movie clips selected for deeper discussions in your sessions. You'll also receive complimentary TalentSmart emotional intelligence assessments for you to experience or share with your organization (a $700 value).

  • No annual fees to maintain your certification status
  • An open invitation to “refresh” and attend future certifications
  • Consultations with senior TalentSmart staff for your design and delivery questions
  • Credit hours through SHRM, HRCI, AND ICF
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Level 1 Certification is 2 days. Here's what to expect:

Your First Day

On Day 1, experience Mastering Emotional Intelligence as a participant.
  • Discover emotional intelligence—what it is, the biological basis, and the four core EQ skill model

    It's both an "a-ha!" moment and a relief to learn that our emotions are part of our biology and cannot be turned off—but they can be managed using emotional intelligence skills. You will discover and uncover why we do what we do, and how to work with—not against—our nature.

  • Learn why emotional intelligence matters—the business case for emotional intelligence

    Many sizable organizations have invested in EQ skill development, and studied its positive and measurable impact such as higher retention, leadership performance, and sales. Hear how these success stories translate into real business results.

  • Measure your emotional intelligence skills—debrief the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal—Me Edition

    Understanding where your emotional intelligence skills are today is the baseline, and the critical first step in knowing what skills you need to develop. A thorough debrief of the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal, complete with recommended and personalized strategies, will get you on your path to successful development.

  • Observe emotional intelligence skills in action

    Discovering examples of what emotional intelligence looks like in life deepens the connection between learning and doing. Watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters to see emotional intelligence skills in action, which ultimately give you ideas for how to put your own emotional intelligence skills into action.

  • Learn and apply 66 emotional intelligence strategies for developing the four core EQ skills

    What steps can you actually take, day-to-day, to improve your emotional intelligence skills? Like any skill, you need to know specifically what to practice, and practice correctly over and over again. Choose from the strategies that emotionally intelligent people practice to create your personalized emotional intelligence action plan.

  • Set your EQ goals and complete your emotional intelligence action plan

    Throughout the day, you will be reflecting, writing, and prioritizing your one-year plan of action, so that when you leave the Mastering Emotional Intelligence session, you will know exactly what you'll be working on—and in what order—throughout the year.

Your Second Day

On Day 2, learn to facilitate the program and debrief the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal.
  • Master what you need to know about four core skills so you become the go-to EQ development resource

    Understanding the agenda and how to run your own session is essential, but it's just part of what you'll learn. Work closely with the extensive resources provided in your leader materials so you can become a subject matter expert on emotional intelligence skill development—not just a facilitator.

  • Learn to lead discussions using Hollywood movies and TalentSmart leader briefs

    Creating an open, challenging, safe dialogue around our curriculum often means you have to be confident enough to improvise and deviate from the script. Use our movies and briefs to look at the four emotional intelligence skills from several angles so you are prepared to lead productive discussions.

  • Get your assessment and emotional intelligence training questions answered

    "Why should I assess myself?" and "Can emotional intelligence really be measured?" are two common questions that you will hear in your own sessions. Listen and learn the answers to these questions and more from our expert emotional intelligence assessment design team.

  • Plan your program implementation and prepare for your first session with colleagues

    TalentSmart will share tips and ideas for implementation, discuss design options, and explain how to overcome common hurdles in emotional intelligence pilots and rollouts. With this in mind, create your plan of action with colleagues so that by the end of the session, the hard work is done.

  • Meet members of the TalentSmart team to hear about industry trends and best practices in EQ skill development

    TalentSmart will share our latest emotional intelligence knowledge on areas that matter to you, your clients, and your participants. Learn what we're seeing and hearing in the industry and how it affects you.

Who Attends

Who should attend?

In-house trainers who support an organization, institution, or wholly owned subsidiary. This program is not available to external consultants unless sponsored to instruct at an organization.

  1. The training license will be held by the sponsoring organization.
  2. TalentSmart licensing kits must be purchased for each participant in Mastering EQ sessions.

Please call our office to discuss details with one of our client service professionals.

Experienced facilitators attend the EQ Train-the-Trainer Certification.

Executive Sponsors

Leaders at the Director, VP, and C level attend to experience the program first-hand in order to build an organization-wide learning strategy that incorporates emotional intelligence. They attend to plan return on investment, links to existing competency models, and global outreach and large-scale implementation. Executives utilize the subject matter and leader materials for one-on-one coaching for employees with high potential and to provide sessions for key audiences.

Human Resources

Human Resources staff attend to add our EQ program to integrate Mastering EQ into opt-in classes or new employee orientation. They deepen their understanding of emotional intelligence to serve as a better resource to internal clients in need.

Sponsored Consultants

Sponsored consultants attend when they have a client organization with a specific emotional intelligence program need. Consultants may attend when they are sponsored by their client organization.


Professors in business schools understand that skills like emotional intelligence are valued by businesses, and many MBA programs are incorporating emotional intelligence into the curriculum. Adjunct professors also teach the Mastering Emotional Intelligence program to working professionals, while professors of psychology, communication, and even a few specialty majors, like nursing and engineering, are incorporating emotional intelligence skills in undergraduate-level coursework. Staff at primary, middle, and high schools utilize our curriculum to develop their administrative and teaching staff.

Senior Trainers

Trainers with extensive industry experience attend so they can immediately facilitate Mastering Emotional Intelligence program, become a subject matter expert in EQ skill development, and learn how to debrief the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal in a group setting.

Learning and Development Staff

Learning and Development staff at all levels attend for a wide array of reasons, ranging from strategy implementation, such as planning pilots and rollouts, to understanding the curriculum at a higher level in order to manage their training staff to facilitating sessions of their own and learning to debrief assessments in one-on-one sessions.

Department-Specific Trainers

Medical Doctors, Sales Managers, Accountants, and Engineers—to name a few—attend the program to partner with staff trainers to combine training expertise with job-specific experience. They are department-level champions for EQ and can draw connections between EQ and their everyday lives.

Level 1
Level 2


Level 1
Level 2


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EQ Train-the-Trainer Certification

Each certification program costs $3,995. Early-bird registrants (45 days before the program) save $200 off this price.

If attending both levels back-to-back, you can enjoy a discounted rate of $6,995 (save $1,000).