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Virtual Offerings

TalentSmart offers virtual training and development options for your organization.

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Emotional Intelligence Training

Focus and Programs:
Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 1
A virtual introduction to the basics to kick-start your EQ development journey
Mastering Emotional intelligence Level 2
Attend virtually, and get sophisticated with EQ through advanced learning and strategy practice.
Hiring for Emotional Intelligence
In this virtual experience, learn how to screen, interview, and successfully evaluate a candidate's emotional intelligence skills
Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 1
Emotional Intelligence Appraisal—Me Edition
Mastering Emotional intelligence Level 2
Emotional Intelligence Appraisal—Me or Multi-Rater (360°) Edition
Who Should Attend:
Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 1
Staff, supervisors, high potentials, managers, and executives (delivery geared toward audience level)
Mastering Emotional intelligence Level 2
Executives, managers, supervisors, and high potentials (delivery geared toward audience level)
Hiring for Emotional Intelligence
Hiring managers, recruiters, and supervisors

Emotional Intelligence Certification

Focus and Programs:
Mastering Emotional Intelligence Train-the-Trainer
In this virtual experience, learn how to facilitate the premier emotional intelligence program, and become the subject matter expert on emotional intelligence.
Who Should Attend:
In-house trainers, such as learning and development staff, department-specific trainers, senior trainers, human resources staff, executive sponsors, academics, and sponsored consultants who support an organization, institution, or wholly owned subsidiary. This program is not available to external consultants unless sponsored to instruct at an organization.

Emotional Intelligence Leader Workshops

Focus and Programs:
Mastering Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
Attend virtually to increase emotional intelligence and leadership skill levels, with learning and personalized development planning using 66 proven strategies. Includes assessment, leader attendee materials and post-workshop confidential coaching call with TalentSmart Coach.
Emotional Intelligence Appraisal—Multi-Rater Edition
Who Should Attend:
Executives, directors, senior managers and high potential leaders – anyone leading teams or in a role that manages others


Emotional Intelligence Assessments:
Emotional Intelligence Appraisal—Me Edition
Emotional Intelligence Appraisal—Me Consultant Edition
Emotional Intelligence Appraisal—Multi-Rater Edition
Emotional Intelligence Appraisal—360 Edition
Leadership Assessments:
360 Refined
Personality Tests:
IDISC Personality Profile Test
IDISC Personality Profile Test—Consultant Edition

Emotional Intelligence Assessment Services

Assessment Administration Support
If you don’t have time or prefer a qualified third party to manage your assessment administration process, TalentSmart staff will administer assessments for any size group, anywhere in the world. We are knowledgeable and experienced in managing large quantities of assessments simultaneously.
Group Profiles
Find out how your group stacks up on emotional intelligence or leadership skills. A group profile report compiles and summarizes results from a group of individual assessments. This profile pinpoints your group's overall high and low skills and recommends where to focus collective development efforts. Delivery options include PowerPoint slides, PDF report, or both.
Group Debriefs
A TalentSmart Master Facilitator will lead a 90-minute virtual session with your group. Your group will learn how to interpret their Emotional Intelligence Appraisal® results, and get a deeper understanding of their current EQ skill level along with immediate strategies to practice.
EQ Climate Surveys
Assess the emotional intelligence of your organization with an online EQ Climate Survey. Understand what employees experience from their vantage point regarding how well those around them demonstrate emotional intelligence skills, including leaders across the organization.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Whether you seek confidential help getting started, specific guidance for one person, resilience coaching for leaders, follow-on coaching for a group, or executive coaching as part of a larger learning and development initiative, TalentSmart’s coaching process provides comprehensive guidance for people working on their emotional intelligence and leadership skills.

Coaching sessions may be done via phone or through TalentSmart’s virtual platform.

Contact us at 888-818-SMART to learn more about TalentSmart’s virtual training and development options.

Our Client Said...

“EQ training is a ‘must do’ training needed by all leaders in organizations. We need it personally for growth, and our employees need us to be self-aware of our emotional footprint on the people we work with.”

Joni Earl, CEO

Sound Transit

Clients Work with Us Virtually to:
  • Enhance learning initiatives in professional and leadership development
  • Boost mastery of key leadership competencies with EQ skills
  • Create a framework for dealing with emotions in the workplace
  • Practice EQ skills in a fun, challenging environment
  • Guide people to communicate well, handle stress and conflict productively, make clearheaded decisions, and respond flexibly to change
  • Present a new, deeper approach to self-understanding and reflection
  • Develop teams, departments, high potentials, supervisors, managers, and leaders

“This will resonate with so many people. It helps focus energy on practical behaviors that will improve working relationships.”

Kathryn S., Underwriter

Westfield Insurance